Maine Coon Cats

About breed
About breed

      This is a wonderful animal requires respect for yourself. It perfectly align the muscles and strength with a very gentle nature, wild animals with a gentle look purr. This is a noble and intelligent cat, which we admired the beauty and everything beautiful. Many people who have these cats keep them as an ideal pet: external similar to the clown, not requiring a lot of hair care, committed to establish the behavior is always ready to "help" in any activity. It will support the company in each family, excellent agreement with the dogs and other animals.

Maine coon cat breed is strong, tough, not demanding environmental conditions, not fear cold and wet weather. Very bright. That's why they became seamen "attendants"? and darlings. In this time it is by far the most popular cat in most European countries.

This is a large cat, square head, large ears, broad chest and strong bone structure, muscular, rectangular body, long tail elegantly. A lot of muscle and muscle tone provides a powerful and strong cat's appearance. Fur soft, short on the head, shoulders and legs, gradually lengthen on the back, sides, hairy trousers on the hind legs and torso, the tail drop hairy long hair. Cats of this breed evolve slowly, its normal height takes about 4-5 years.

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